Recipes for summer sweets in magazines, online and especially Pinterest are plentiful. Ice cream, popsicles, smoothies and fresh pies are just a few foods that tempt our sweet tooth. Although these things are delicious, we know that sugary treats shouldREAD MORE

Dipping Into Summer

July 15, 2014

A trip to a pick-your-own strawberry patch seems a rite of passage when summer finally makes it to Minnesota. Buckets and flats of fresh, ripe, brilliantly red strawberries—the kind that taste like strawberries instead of the cardboard facsimiles shipped inREAD MORE

Thinking for the Future

July 10, 2014

Jim Call La qui Parle, Minn. There is a lot of confusion among consumers regarding the safety of biotechnology in farming. This lack of understanding and misinformation about biotech has shed a negative light on the ag industry. This isREAD MORE

Summer is in full swing and that means the grill is lit, the meat is cooking and the family is eating together. During the summer, the air always seems filled with the lingering aroma of chicken, hamburgers and the classicREAD MORE

Sunscreen, lemonade, sandals and a beach towel are the items on most summer shopping lists. It’s time to gear up for afternoons in the sun and evenings by a grill, but before summer gets too far underway, add one importantREAD MORE

Soybeans in Your Milk

June 23, 2014

June is National Dairy Month, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the goodness of dairy products. Drinking milk provides humans with the calcium and nutrients our bodies need to grow and develop strong bones, but what do the cowsREAD MORE